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Dodge forks and exploding flies, but don't get distracted by my funny faces!

The HTML5 version does not play exactly like the jam version, I removed fire because of the new approach to difficulty. Voices are also removed due to them being slightly annoying at times! This version also features a new song, and all new sound effects.

Made with Superpowers.


Prepare to run, jump, and dodge as you try and escape while I chase you down with hunger induced madness, shouting 60 different voice clips including references and random stuff, all while making funny faces! ( ' 3')

Use the left and right arrow keys to run, and the up arrow key to jump.

This game was made for the 72 hour game jam hosted by PewDiePie on GameJolt. The jam was called #Indiesvspewdiepie, and this game proudly claimed the placing of 122, out of 786 games that made it into the jam.

There is one minor bug and you probably won't notice it unless you play for long periods of time. I decided to leave it as is (now that the jam is over) since I want it to be played exactly the same way it was when it was entered.

(the song in the banner is made-up lyrics for "Eye of the Tiger" by Survivor, which I listened to during the entire jam for motivation)

Made with Game Maker Studio.

UPDATE - 6/28/2015

Install instructions

The download consists of a single .zip file, which contains the game.exe and a few other files needed to run. It also include a promo folder with the banner and thumbnail used in the game jam.

Once extracted, you can run game.exe and the S'more Mayhem title screen should start right up.


Download 13 MB


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Nice work, this was surprisingly fun and addictive. Also, your funny faces did in fact keep distracting me. Damn them! XD